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Isadora Gifts

Isadora gifts proudly sponsors Hills and Valleys Wellness. We sponsor Hills and Valleys Wellness because we believe in holistic wellness and equity. At Isadora Gifts, we serve women, and we want to be a business that supports women in business, and Black-owned businesses.

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Moore Business Services

My name is Alice Moore,  CEO of Moore Business Services.   I provide accountability services, coupled with task management and project management.  I decided to become a sponsor of Hills and Valleys Wellness  (HVW) after reading and speaking to Tia about their mission and areas of focus. It's been reported that there is a large disparity where women of color are at a significantly higher risk of maternal death. They are serving a very well deserved and important population. These services are vital to the community of women they are reaching out to support.  Putting infant mortality at the forefront of its mission speaks volumes about the organization itself.  In addition, providing women with the tools to advocate for lactation breaks in the workspace, and assisting with creating a pumping schedule that works alongside their work schedule is huge. Even though we are at an unprecedented time with COVID, more and more employees are returning to work. And for those that do not, and are able to work remotely (from home), having the space for lactation and breaks is equally important and employer education is necessary.

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Im a passionate doula

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Im an experienced doula who does in home and hospital births.

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